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a couple pics from the _notahoodlum colo
new one with _slacsbianci incoming, watc
producer _kahreign out now, link in the
AREA 51 🛸_👉🏼 swipe for a preview of o

who/what/where are you?

tantric media is a video production company based in manchester, uk. 

what do you do?

we specialise in music video production and online content for social media such as interviews and event videos.

how much do you charge?

prices vary depending on the project and what is required. locations/stylist/travel/crew/models/props/equipment rentals etc can all add up but make for a higher quality end product.

that's a little more than i was looking to spend bro

high concept videos can be expensive, and while we can stream line ideas to be more affordable, videos are an investment in you and your brand to help reach a wider audience, so in our experience there's not much point in cutting corners.

what is your work process like?

after hearing the track and any ideas you have we will write up a treatment and rough budget, after it's agreed by both parties we will require a deposit to move forward into scheduling, location scouting, hiring crew/actors, storyboarding and ultimately shooting and editing. after the final edit has been approved the final payment is required before it is sent over with any promotional materials asked for.

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